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Multiple Accounts in One App

Saving money can prove to be a challenging task. We understand the struggle all too well. However, there exists an effortless solution that we're certain you'll adore - TNN Mobile Wallet App. 
With the TNN Mobile Wallet application, saving your hard-earned cash becomes a breeze as it offers various options such as periodic, automatic or manual savings. Additionally, you have complete control over how and when you save your funds with the added benefit of multiple wallets for diverse savings plans.
Make the choice that suits your needs best and start saving today with ease using TNN Mobile Wallet App!


NetNexus savings goals are designed to aid you in attaining your desires. Whether it be establishing a budget, saving for a momentous occasion or object, or seeking an enriching savings scheme, we have got you covered.
You have the ability to create as many goals as necessary with ease - simply set your target and desired frequency of savings and witness the magic unfold.
For additional information, kindly contact our Help Desk at +23408083435499 via call or whatsapp.

Regular Savings

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Flexible savings account with digital wallet features for easy access to funds. Deposit and withdraw anytime. Perfect for those who want easy accessibility to their money.

  • Personalized Account Number

  • Zero Account Opening Balance

  • Unlimited number of Withdrawals (subject to CBN regulations)

  • Unlimited Deposits

  • WhatsApp and USSD Banking

  • Zero Maintenance Charge

  • Zero minimum balance

  • Access to Physical and Virtual Debit Card

  • No interest on savings

Group Savings


A savings program where members save money monthly for future needs. A rotation system is used where each member contributes and collects in turn.

  • Personalized savings account 

  • N10,000 minimum monthly savings

  • 2% charges at payout

  • 6 months savings cycle

Waqf Savings


A waqf  Savings is a type of savings for the purpose of being used for charitable or religious reasons. The idea behind this practice is that by giving back to the community through charity and religious purposes, one can earn blessings and good deeds in the eyes of Allah.


  • Personalized account

  • Non withdrawable or transferred 

  • No minimum deposit

Lockup Savings


Product based on Islamic Mudaraba principles. Company acts as investment manager, investing customer deposits. Profits shared between parties based on pre-agreed ratio; losses also shared. Allows for ethical investments in line with religious beliefs.

  • Personalized savings account

  • No exposure to risk

  • No minimum period

  • No maintenance charges 

Target Savings


TNN Target Savings Account helps you save for a specific goal. Set a target amount and time frame to track progress towards your goal. Make regular deposits until the target is reached, then withdraw the funds to achieve your objective.

  • No account opening balance​

  • No minimum balance​

  • No monthly maintenance fees

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